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helps more employees earlier 

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addresses employee wellbeing drivers

proactively manages psychological risk

informs organisational strategies

Employee Assistance Wellbeing Program Proactive EAP Life Street

Life Street Employee Wellbeing Programs

Life Street Wellbeing Program

& expertise


Life Street founder, Paul Flanagan, has over 30 years’ experience as a clinical and organisational psychologist working with organisations and their employees.


Paul has played an integral role in the evolution of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), workplace mental health, wellbeing and risk management. Paul was appointed to the Board of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the peak body for psychology, in February 2020.

The Life Street team has a unique depth of experience in developing programs across industries in Australia and globally providing psychological and wellbeing services and EAP Counselling to approximately 1 million individuals.


& passion

Life Street’s purpose is to enable employers to better support and improve the wellbeing of all their employees while proactively addressing employee psychosocial risk. 

The Life Street team drives this clear singular focus with expertise, approachability and passion.

Life Street was created to develop a better type of EAP – an EAP that makes a positive impact of the wellbeing of all employees, not a few, and isn’t constrained by old thinking and old service models. 


Life Street started with a clean slate to build a different type of EAP that significantly improves the core functions of ‘old style’ EAPs and embeds these into more impactful program with interactive wellbeing tools and expert services- all developed here, for the Australian workplace. 


This resulted in an innovative, highly engaging program that seamlessly integrates our expert people and unique digital services . . . and a paradigm shift in EAPs and EAP Counselling. 

Life Street Wellbeing Program
Employee Assistance Wellbeing Program Proactive EAP Life Street

We love connecting with employees to help them to feel, and be, the best they can, partnering with organisations who truly value their employees and continuously improving to be the best in what we do.



Employee Assistance Wellbeing Program Proactive EAP Life Street
Employee Assistance Wellbeing Program Proactive EAP Life Street



Life Street originated and developed our Proactive EAP™ to significantly improve how workplace programs address employee mental health and wellbeing.

This is a dynamic system that integrates digital tools and activities with services to engage employees in understanding and managing their psychosocial wellbeing and mental health. In addition, organisations receive wellbeing analytics to help inform HR and WHS strategies. 

Our programs cover a range of industries and our clients include employers in all parts of Australia and organisations with employees around the world. 






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Employee Assistance Wellbeing Program Proactive EAP Life Street